Graphic Design Consulting

by Marybeth Gilfillan Showerman

Fluent and certified in Photoshop, Illustrator and HTML, with a solid understanding of Web palettes and file conversion, graphics creation and manipulation optimized for palette, size, and speed of download.

 10+ years of Web experience and a solid understanding of site structure and the relationship between content, user interface, and technology. Managed and designed both corporate internet and intranet(500+ HTML pages).

A highly motivated, detail-oriented, self-directed, creative artist who works on both Mac and PCs and familiar with many other design and page layout programs.

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Born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and graduated from Mt. Vernon High School.
Attended the University of Florida (Gainesville) and graduated with a degree in Design.
Studied with Richie Cooper who was an illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post with
Norman Rockwell. Worked for 20 years for Florida Power Corporation (St. Petersburg, FL)
in the Corporate Communications area. Work included the company in-house newsletter,
brochures, annual reports, etc. and was responsible for internal and external maintenance
and design of website for the company. Currently a member
of the Florida Watercolor Society and International Webmasters Association.